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Veterans of Foreign Wars
Post 9851
Hendersonville, Tennessee
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July 1 - Celebrating Independence -

In 1774, under strong influence of Benjamin Franklin, the First Continental Congress met in Philadelphia and imposed actions against England over trade and police policies that were, in some colonists' eyes, unreasonable toward 'English Citizens'. Many rejected the actions, despite British attacks in Boston just four years earlier, feeling any act against England was seditious. By then most relations were strained as demonstrated by the 'Tea Party' of 1773, showing how far some were willing to express their disgust. When the British pushed back against the resistance and moved on Lexington and Concord in 1775, the Second Continental Congress convened.

Over the next year, Congress delegates deliberated as their newly formed Continental Army fought to keep the British in Boston. A May 1776 vote to decide between reconciliation or independence was still uncertain. Most favored reconciliation as they considered England 'home'. All the while a British fleet, with what was believed the most fearsome army in the world, was amassing off the colonies' coast, planning to beat the colonists into submission. But a small group, mostly from Massachusetts, favored independence. It would be a tough sell to sway the other delegates, who opposed the 'independents' with force, condemning them as 'mad extremists'. Pennsylvania's leaning toward reconciliation didn't help.

But the May 1st election for the Pennsylvania Assembly showed promise to change the state's leaning. It turn out not to be. A British attack on Philadelphia later in the week would however, followed by motivation from Mr. Franklin and an article by Thomas Paine. After a month of debate and deliberation, the Congress decided to return in July to vote. By that date, the Pennsylvanians were swayed. On July 2nd the Congress's final vote was narrowly for Independence. Two days later a document written by Thomas Jefferson was finalized to reflect the decision of the Congress. It was dated July 4, 1776.

Independence wasn't easily decided, and it isn't easily kept. There will always be movements to exchange freedoms for dependencies on government by those who want to impose their beliefs on others. It is the basis of our government to not be a democracy but a democratic-republic that makes the United States the unique world leader it is. The fundamental ideals of the Founding Fathers still ring true and should not be allowed to be reinterpreted by those who seek to impose more constrictive laws, for this is the opposite of independence.

Do not forget the struggles that motivated change as we celebrate the 239th anniversary of the United States of America!

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The newly elected officers are officially in charge. The Department convention is complete and, unfortunately our Sr. Vice did not win his campaign for Department Quartermaster. Upcoming this month is the Post meeting the 9th and the National Convention the 18th - 23rd in Pittsburgh, Pa. Don't forget to check the calendar, linked above.

The Post continues our service to the community. Project 22's garden is growing well with fresh items already available to the Food Pantry. The Foxhole Lounge is back open on Mondays and we welcome back Anita as our lead bartender. Plans for the Golf Tournament Fund raiser (Sept. 26) are in progress and sponsors are needed. Come join your fellow veterans and their families for all our activities. Remember, long term information is in the 'Ongoing' and 'Document' sections below (i.e. current Post Newsletter and VFW Dispatch).

The Warrior Project (formerly the Honor Run) to the Middle East Conflicts Memorial (Website and Facebook  page) in Marseilles, Illinois wants you to like its Facebook  and support its fundraising needs. Plans are still in the works and the committee still accepts volunteers. Contact the Post at 615-824-9851 to participate.

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Lounge -
Drop by after work for a relaxing time with friends.

Boosters -
Booster meetings are the Wednesday before the Second Thursday of each month. Members are encouraged to attend and direct the projects that support the Post. 6:30, July 8 is the next meeting.

2015-16 Student Competitions -
Themes for VFW Voice of Democracy and Patriot's Pen Competitions will be; VOD: My Vision for America & PP: What Freedom Means to Me. Students do not have to wait until next school year to get started.

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Suicide Awareness --
Too many Veterans are taking their lives. Family Members often don't understand the conflicts PTSD sufferers deal with and have difficulty communicating with them. Be aware of signs of PTSD and/or suicidal thoughts. Do not shrug them off as a 'condition' nor try to handle this alone. HELP IS AVAILABLE. If you or someone you know is considering suicide, check this link or call 1-800-273-8255 for help dealing with the feelings. HOPE is not gone!

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