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"The VFW continues to be the nation's strongest voice for veterans
and the catalyst for change in improving veteran's benefits."

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9851,
Hendersonville, Tennessee
(Post) (615) 824-9851   (Info)  (888) 356-9021

Living up to the the VFW Motto:
"Honoring the Dead by Serving The Living."

The Post participates in all National VFW Programs as well as created local programs to support Veterans in our community.

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Aug 19 - Summer Happenings -

School is back in session. Along with their class work, students are working on their Annual VFW Essay Contest submissions. Across the country, over $500,000 in scholarships and awards are given out each year. The contests are broken down into two age groups. The Patriot's Pen Competition is a 300-400 word essay and open to students grades 6-8. This year's theme is "Why I Appreciate America's Veterans". High school students (grades 9-12) compete in the Voice of Democracy Competition with an oral presentation lasting 3-5 minutes. Their theme is "Why Veterans are Important to our Nation's History and Future". Both are open to current students, even home schooled. Information is available at all Posts.

Post Improvements -- Over the last month, Life Scout Mitchell Burkhardt has been busy on his Eagle Project. He chose the Post to make repairs and improvements to as his service to the community. This is a standard practice for Boy Scouts as they advance to the ultimate rank of Eagle Scout. Mitchell reviewed the Post's needs, laid out a plan, acquired funding and materials, then solicited workers to carry out the project while he supervised. The Post now has new horseshoe pits, a freshly painted and repaired porch area, refinished picnic tables, and a newly condensed picture wall of past commanders. The Post is grateful for all the work and commitment Mitchell and crew put into his project. His Eagle Court of Honor will be held at the Post at a future date.

RENOVATION -- A long awaited improvement is planned to start Sept. 12. The hall bathrooms are being improved to ADA standards. The project is expected to take several weeks, but construction should not effect the lounge. The hall will be closed during the renovation.

Notable Events -- Playing upstairs will be the BAMM Band on Saturday Aug. 23. The band features a blues-rock style suitable for dancing and listening. $5 cover. Also, every Saturday, Pancake Breakfasts from 8-11, cooked and served by our good friends from Knead Dough.

Committees -- The Golf Tournament and the Hendersonville Veterans Day Parade committees are still meeting and bringing things together. The Golf Tournament, slated for Saturday, Sept. 27, is still looking for sponsors. The Parade will be Sunday, Nov. 9 and still has openings for groups to participate.

Southern Conference -- Charleston, W.V. is the place for this year's VFW Southern Conference, Nov. 6-9. Attendees are highly encouraged to make early reservations. Visit the W.V. Department website for more information.

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Local VA Town Halls -- VA Health Services letter listing upcoming locations

News Letters -- Newsletter for June, July, Aug

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July 2 - Celebrate Independence! -

238 years ago disgruntled American colonists stood up against tyranny and declared independence from Great Britain citing 'inalienable rights' as their justification. A decade of debate through sessions of a Continental Congress resulted in a Constitutional Convention which outlined a three-branch government, a REPUBLIC, that we still reside under today. From the first days, factions of 'liberal' and 'conservative' ideals battled to mold the policies for this unique and (then) untried form of governing. Today it still remains as both the republican concept (rule of law) and the democratic concept (rule of majority) battle to keep our country the greatest in history. Yet people still volunteer to become Veterans in support of those ideals. And when they go into foreign lands to defend those precious rights, they become eligible for our great organization. The VFW is the oldest Veterans Organization in the United States and can proudly claim Nobody Does More for Veterans! Remember in your celebrations what brought us here so we never relive the struggles of oppression and tyranny.

Congratulations to our Commander. He was one of the winners in a National VFW drawing and he will be attending the National Convention in St. Louis, MO. this month because of it. It will be the final ceremony for outgoing Commander-in-Chief William Thien, who was the guest speaker at our Department Convention last month. We wish our Commander a safe journey as he represents our Post at the convention.

Recent news puts the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in a bad spotlight. They are a long-time topic of discussion whenever veterans get together. But the media chooses to report the bad stories because they sell advertising. Your National VFW wants the WHOLE STORY told by making it possible for everyone to share their stories. Click here to see their page detailing how you can. Another update in VA's favor concerns their ID Cards and security. A phased rollout started in April for a newly designed, more secure card. Information is available on their benefits page or by contacting your local VA health care facility.

Another concern for our local members is 2nd Amendment rights. If you are unsure how your elected officials stand, a non-partisan organization sent them a questionnaire and the replies are available on their website. With mid-term elections approaching, responsible voters need to know facts to make an educated decision. For a republic like the United States to work correctly, voters need to choose responsibly, not emotionally.

Committees -- The fall Golf Tournament and the Hendersonville Veterans Day Parade committees have been holding meetings and plans are coming along. If you are asked to help with their efforts, remember they are doing this for all Veterans. Please support them and lend a hand.

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June 17 - New Social Activity -

If you noticed smoke from the Post, it's not fire. It's just your officers wracking their minds for ideas to make a place you'd frequent with your families or choose to spend free time with fellow veterans. That's why they created a special version of Texas Hold'Em on alternating Thursday Nights. They also want you to come by on the Second and Fourth Monday and play the latest addition to our Lounge Lineup, Trivia Night, with special consideration to requests for a NON-SMOKING activity. Vaping will be allowed, for now.

Why? Times have changed. It's been DECADES since this nation had so many Veterans eligible for the VFW. These newest potential members are a different breed, with different likes and choices. They have different values. Many are eager to continue serving. They are our future and your officers understand. We are NOT our Grandfathers' VFW!

Last week marked our Post's 66th anniversary (our first Commander still lives in town). With the motto "Honoring the Dead by Serving the Living" the founding members set it on a long journey of service. It's now critical we adjust our sights to successfully continue that journey. Posts that don't are closing. Some members won't agree with these necessary changes. We ask they embrace the officers' decisions, support the Post's activities and offer suggestions to create an inviting place where every member feels welcome and looks forward to coming back. Help us serve you as we prepare to support this new generation of Veterans when they are in need! Nobody Does More for Veterans!

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Veterans Food Pantry

- The Veterans Food Pantry, sponsored jointly with Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) Chapter 240, was developed to assist local Veterans and their families (including Active Duty) needing assistance with basic food and staples. Weekly, the Post receives overstocked and donated items and safely stores them for distribution. Recipients must meet and maintain eligibility requirements to receive assistance.

Food Pantry Eligibility Form (Click Here)

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